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Panoramic Infotech has developed a secure, scalable, & compliance telemedicine & E-healthcare platform for hospitals or clinics. Hospitals & Clinics don’t need to invest in it, it’s available on a monthly payment system. This all in one platform delivers an exceptional & convenient patient experience.
Practices & hospitals that never had much of a digital presence are now embracing the use of E-healthcare platforms to “Meet” patients online. Some devices are connected with mobile apps & can provide the accurate readings required for accurate treatments.

Why Panoramic?

Panoramic has an excellent product of “Telemedicine” – a Secure, Scalable & Compliance Platform for Hospitals or Clinics & Patients. It helps patients by directly connecting them online with expert Doctors at their Homes. Now patients have not to be frustrated with any medical issues, Because Panoramic Infotech gives you a special featured mobile application to consult Doctors online at your home with an appointment.

Benefits of Digital Health Systems

We are living in a Digital Era; So Digital Healthcare should be considered a Benefit as the patients can manage their Healthcare at home, it is a concept from an intersection between technology & healthcare. Let’s see which benefits are included in this Platform.

  • Portals of Patients:

Patient portals mean patients can easily access personal health information, which will help them to become more active in their care. An online health information portal was valued by 94% of survey participants. Patients have better-educated conversations with their doctors.

  • Works Instant:

Now, Patients can book their appointments online with a device, chat with their expert doctors, directly request a prescription, accommodate with the healthcare insurance, etc. All this can be relinquished without even visits & without papers. It can save time & money on travelling. An initial consultation that doesn’t require using special medical equipment for tests or doctor’s presence can & may be handled online.

  • Digital Collaboration of Doctor-Patient:

Digitization helps patients keep a digital record of their case history & share it with friends, family, & doctors. Now no one has to keep a physical file for each clinic or hospital visit. In an emergency, a tangible copy of your medical record is important. During this example, digitization keeps clinicians informed about the patient’s case history. Maintenance & technical knowledge are required, but it pays off in an emergency only.

  • Data Safety:

Medical records will be lost because of unexpected events like natural disasters. These factors are eliminated with a well-designed digital data storage system for medical records. Authorized staff can access these records from clinics or hospitals, assuring fast availability when requirements arise.

  • Physical Burden Of Patients:

Healthcare facilities are often stormed with patients where most of them are usually visiting for a routine check-up. However, with the introduction of digital healthcare doctors can schedule online appointments for cases they find suitable. They complete the checkups through a video call, recommend medicine or advice for further treatment, & even tell the patient to physically visit them if that’s necessary.

  • Virtual Visits:

Virtual visits allow patients to speak with their doctors via secure, two-way digital communications without having to visit the doctor’s office.

  • Greater Patient Engagement:

Patients who use digital health technologies have more control over their health & will obtain treatment more swiftly & simply. Patients can actively participate in their care with the employment of digital technologies for patient empowerment & self-management, which has the potential to attenuate waste & improve service quality & outcomes.

What Features are there in Digital Healthcare Product?

  • Benefits of Multi-Channel Precision Marketing in Healthcare:

Multi-channel E-healthcare marketing verifies patients experience seamless, joined, personalized interactions with health systems, regardless of communication method. It’s wobbly to look at the pace at which digital health technology is changing the traditional & regulated world of health care.

  • Connects with Patients Online Appointments by Secure Messaging & Video Conference:

If a provider’s patients are not used to video conferencing; At first, all experiences might seem a little odd or uncomfortable. But there are some things you should do to make sure that patients have a positive experience where all their requirements are met & everyone walks away fulfilled.

  • Medical Appointment Scheduling:

If you’re running ahead of your house the identical way you probably did even a decade ago, you may be seriously hurting your business. One of the foremost important technological upgrades you’ll be able to make is automating your appointment scheduling & reminders. All of the patients find it important to be allowed to schedule, change, or cancel their medical appointments online.

  • Keeping all Patient Information Centralized, Private & Synchronized:

Health Data Management can have benefits for Best Healthcare Solution organizations, medical staff, & patients by creating a comprehensive view of patients, households, which types of medical care professionals to recruit, what equipment to invest in, or which types of patients to focus on in marketing efforts.

Who can take advantage of this Platform?

• Private Doctors can Register with all required details.
• Hospitals are welcomed here to present their services.
• Laboratories are allowed to showcase their product & Services.
• Pharmacy products & services are included in this.
• Patients can register here & they will get all their medical solutions.

Collaborations & efficient workflows between doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, & laboratories can be accessed from the website while patients can connect seamlessly using a mobile application.

Final Thought

Learn how your healthcare organization can benefit from the power of Telemedicine by Panoramic Infotech. Visit now to get more benefits.

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